Maine Municipal Bond Bank
Debt service estimates are one of the most commonly used services provided by the Maine Municipal Bond Bank. An Estimate may help a prospective borrower determine how many years they should take to repay a bond, give a rough estimate of the yearly repayment amount and a change to see the interest rates the bond bank has achieved on recent bond issues.

To obtain an estimate with level principal payments, simply enter the amount you wish to borrow, select the number of years you would like for repayment next to term, spring or fall next to issue, your institution's fiscal year end date next to FYE, and then click calculate. For calendar year totals, choose an FYE of 9/30 or 12/31.

Estimates may also be calculated using our downloadable Microsoft Excel calculator. This file allows you to generate estimates for both level principal and level debt payment schedules. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to download and use this estimator.

Please note estimates generated with these calculators are for estimate purposes only and that actual borrowing costs may vary.

Amount Financing:

ExcelImage Microsoft Excel Debt Service Estimate Calculator